We are looking to acquire land and buildings in the West Midlands and Warwickshire for residential development.

Whether you are an individual, a group of neighbours, a business owner, or an Agent; whether you own occupied, vacant or derelict offices, other commercial or industrial property, have a large back garden or a group of large gardens. You may have an ongoing business that you don't want to move but have surplus land that maybe suitable for redevelopment to release value. It’s worth talking to Broadacre Homes to assess the development opportunity for your land. Our advice is confidential, free of charge, and there is no obligation to progress.

Types of Land

We’re interested in undeveloped gardens or greenfield land within or close to towns and villages, or brownfield sites that have been built on previously that may still have buildings left on them, either occupied or derelict. Typical examples of brownfield sites we can develop include land with existing housing and flats, petrol stations, hotels, offices, shops and showrooms, restaurants, farm buildings, warehouses, and storage units.

We are very interested in acquiring existing office buildings where the location suits conversion to residential units. If you are unsure whether your office building might be suitable, give us a call.

Value of Your Land

If you would like to know the potential for your land and its value, just contact us and we will arrange a site visit.

We will need to assess the size and location of the site; technical considerations such as access, drainage, ground conditions; historic and current usage together with all relevant potential planning issues.

We work with our clients in several different ways and will structure the acquisition to suit their individual requirements and objectives.

Why work with us?
Maximum land value

Once we’ve established the development potential of the site, we can agree how best to move forward, depending on your requirements.

Typical options include:

  • We agree a price for your land, subject to planning.
    We will enter into a subject to planning contract with you following which we will apply for planning permission using our own resources to pay for all required consultants and other associated costs. Once we have obtained a planning permission, we will pay you the agreed amount for the land.

  • We buy the site unconditionally as it is.
    We take all planning and associated technical risk. You will receive the agreed amount for your land as soon as we have completed our due diligence. This option is best for those who need a quick sale.

  • Become a partner in the development as well as receiving the price of your land.
    We will enter into a joint venture contract with you. Payment for your land is deferred. when planning permission is received and the new homes are sold, then you will receive the agreed price for your land, as well as an agreed percentage of the development profits. This is a great solution for those who want to receive the most money for their land, and who are happy to wait while the development is built out and sold.

It’s worth asking us to conduct a site visit to assess your land’s potential. Our advice is free, confidential, and there’s no obligation to progress. If you’re interested in finding out more, just get in touch with us.


We have many years of experience of acquiring land, overcoming planning issues, obtaining efficient planning permissions, and maximising the value of a plot of land.
We plan thoroughly, budget effectively and set realistic timeframes.


Our due diligence checks are professional and thorough, we will explore every relevant factor when considering how best to develop a piece of land, including ground conditions, site access, utilities, legal rights of way, and easements. We’ll involve any specialist support we may need, whether it’s traffic or noise consultants, arboriculturists or ecologists, to ensure any potential issues are resolved before we get to planning.

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